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aplovestudio's News

Posted by aplovestudio - January 13th, 2024

Hey gang, big news! Solace Inc. is coming to Steam!


Solace Inc Steam Page


In case you haven't played the AploVVare Collection, I've been continuing to work on it for the past few months and it's gotten big enough to warrant its own Steam page! I've been cooking up a lot of new stuff for the game and am super excited to release it!

It has a character creator...


...and giant women 😳


I'm super pumped for this, please go wishlist the game! 🙏


Posted by aplovestudio - October 3rd, 2023


Heya, just a small lil update for Solace Inc. that adds some stuff based on feedback:

- Added a new recruit (It's the tankman guy!!!)

- Added a magnet powerup that attracts gems

- Small QoL changes (like a pause menu, etc.)

- Small bug/crash fixes

Thanks for playing! <3

Just a reminder that this game will also be available in the AploVVare Collection, so go check it out!



Posted by aplovestudio - July 29th, 2023

Heya! Just a quick small update for Hellfire Pizza, nothing too big lol

- Added an Endless Mode

- Added arrows that point to dropoff locations and hellfire pizza

- Added money quotas, have to restart day if you don't make enough money

- Added a gun power up

That's it, enjoy!

also thank u for 1k fans<3


Posted by aplovestudio - July 24th, 2023

Hey knucklehads! I'm back with another kick-ass update featuring everyone's favorite busty orange, Citri!

If you read my recent Terato Tamer post you already know that I'm making a collection of my web games to release on Steam and am updating a few of them, and if you didn't well... now you know! I decided to update Citri Plays Noirwood to include some extra content!

I'm not going to explain exactly what's been added, but I will share this image:


that's all you need to know

(also made a few bug fixes n stuff lol)

Have fun!



Posted by aplovestudio - July 19th, 2023

Heya knuckleheads, To celebrate Terato Tamer's birthday, I released a lil update for y'all!


I'm currently working on a game collection of my web games and compiling them to release on Steam, and since I'm at it I figured I might as well make a minor update for this game as well

This update includes:

- an endless mode

- a handful of new enemies

- a shopkeeper & upgrades

- new sex scenes for the 18+ version 😳

- minor graphic changes

That's it! Nothing too major, just an extra permadeath remix mode if you feel like spicing things up a bit. I probably won't be updating the game beyond this

also released the 18+ version of the game here as well, was available on itch when I last updated the game and forgot to post it here as well... whoopsies!!

Thank you for playing my weird lil games and enjoying my weird lil art pieces, I mega appreciate it <3


Posted by aplovestudio - October 29th, 2022

Happy Halloween! I decided to re-visit Terato Tamer and add some more content to ti, which includes the following:

  • New vessel! You can now play as Paige from Reversary
  • Playing as Paige will completely change the game, instead of seducing monsters to get them to stop killing her she fights monsters that are trying to seduce her
  • 7 new monsters/enemies! The game's length is essentially doubled now
  • Graphical improvements & minor changes

Thank you to everyone who's played this game, honestly I was a little nervous at first to release this but it seems like some folks like this kind of stuff

enjoy :)


Posted by aplovestudio - January 16th, 2022

Hey y'all, seems like folks enjoyed BATTERY ACID back when it came out a few months ago (it did get 7th place in ludum dare 49), so I decided to go back and add some more stuff to it. Here is what's been added:

  • Added new weapons and weapon switching
  • Added 4 new bosses
  • Added an ending
  • Added Endless mode
  • Added options on the main menu
  • Decreased enemy health and damage scaling as game progresses
  • Minor bug fixes

If you encounter any issues let me know down in the comments so that I can fix them, there are a few things that I know exist and probably won't fix (like being able to punch lasers, that's pretty rad as hell) but if the game crashes or anything like that please let me know.

Really enjoyed working on this one, and glad you guys enjoyed it to!